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Please read before booking

Thank you for your interest in The She Shop. Please note the following. A consultation with Sharee is required before all chemical and color services. If your hair is not in the proper condition to receive a service, Sharee will develop a personalized plan for your hair so that you are able to get the service in the near future. Please note that Sharee is a licensed cosmetologist and if you refuse to do the consultation, she will not be able to service you. She has the right to refuse service to any customer. 

Sharee asks that you arrive to your appointment as you are. Please do not shampoo or condition your natural hair prior to your service. A shampoo and deep condition are standard at The She Shop. If you are receiving a chemical service, please make sure that your hair is free from any and all product. Note that all services are à la carte unless stated otherwise in the service description. If you would like to receive multiple services during your visit, please choose all the services at the time of booking. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to get those services once your appointment has started. You will only be able to get the service that you booked.

The duration of your appointment may be shorter or longer than the time listed in the service description. If you are on a time restraint, please let Sharee know at the beginning of your appointment.

 If you are reinstalling your extensions, please come with your extensions freshly shampooed, conditioned, dried and free of residue. If not, Sharee will shampoo your extensions for you, and you will be charged a fee of $25. 

Cancellation Policy: Please note that if you are unable to keep your appointment, please reschedule or simply cancel 12 hours before your scheduled appointment time. If you fail to do so and are a "NO CALL NO-SHOW", you will no longer be able to book services at The She Shop and will be charged a fee of $30. Thank you!

*By booking an appointment, you agree to the terms & conditions stated above.

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